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Gas Products

Gasmate has been supplying campware to New Zealanders for over 25 years! There's every chance that our cookers, stoves and portable barbecues graced your campsite as a kid. We've got everything you need to fuel your summer, even gas-powered fridges and heating!


Not every camper is the same and it’s important that you choose the right cooker for your needs. If you’re backpacking, a lightweight and quick to ignite stove is ideal. Try the Turbo, Micra, Hiker or Sika Stoves, these screw directly onto a compact butane canister and take up very little space. If you still want a compact cooker, but don’t mind a bit more weight, our Camping or Twin Portable Stoves are a great option. All use a common bayonet butane canister and come with a convenient carry case. These are a terrific entry level cooker. But, what if you’re feeding more people? If you’re not trekking too far to your campsite, try our iconic yellow 2 & 3 Burner LPG Stoves. These stoves have a two or three burner cooktop which means you can cook more than one item at a time. They also have windshields and compactly fold down for easy transport. Meanwhile, Gasmate’s robust country cookers are ideal for hunters. Larger pots and pans can be accommodated and the cast iron means it can handle more demanding conditions.

Portable BBQs

Portable BBQ's offer more in the way of surface area for your cook and are ideal for family getaways. Some are more compact than others, so it’s important to know what you’re expecting from your BBQ and how many you will want to cater for.

Camping Fridges

Gasmate has a range of camping fridges that run on LPG, Mains Power or 12V car outlet. These fridges chill down to 20 degrees below the ambient temperature and have thermostats when on mains power.


Choose from LPG camping lanterns (which are brighter than LED lighting), with optional extension poles, or more compact butane lanterns, ideal for weekend tramps, or if just ‘spot’ lighting is required.


Keeping warm at night can make your trip away more enjoyable. The Mr Heater Portable Heaters are an ideal to keep you toasty.


Of course, Gasmate has all the fuels you need to run your gas products. LPG bottles, Butane canisters and Propane. We’ve got it all.