Outdoor Kitchens & Inbuilt BBQ's Gasmate Galaxy

Outdoor Kitchens & Inbuilt BBQ's

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Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your existing home, if you want to add value and an x-factor, an outdoor kitchen is a must. See our Gasmate website here and our Kamado Joe website here.

Why build an outdoor kitchen?

New Zealand has such an enviable climate; we spend much time outdoors in summer, enjoying all our country has to offer. We are also incredibly social, requiring a generous area for many people to be comfortable, sit, relax and socialise in. A hub for people to congregate in will enhance and add value to your home, and an outdoor kitchen will allow you to extend your living area into the outdoors. An outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be large; that is the beauty of an outdoor kitchen; you can adapt it to your needs by using modular systems to fit your existing space.

Where to start?

When designing an outdoor kitchen, it’s a good idea to begin with, the barbecue size. Knowing how many people you'd like to cater for is a great starting point. Perhaps you want a built-in Barbecue, a Pizza Oven or even a fireplace that will double as an oven? Once you have chosen your barbecue, you can choose your favourite components to match. Both Gasmate Galaxy Modular Barbecues and Kamado Joe Stand-Alone Grills make for stand-out built-in outdoor kitchen options for year-round entertaining.

While designing your ultimate outdoor area, it is often a good idea to talk to a designer or landscaper. Their expertise in how an outdoor area works can save you a lot of time in the initial stages. Professionals will also understand local regulations regarding plumbing, gas etc. Gasmate Galaxy Barbecues work on LPG cylinders and Natural Gas; Kamado Joe grills use charcoal fuel.

  • Kamado Joe Classic III Stand-Alone

    Kamado Joe Classic III Stand-Alone