Pour n’ Go Water Tank Treatment

Pour n’ Go Water Tank Treatment

Safe drinking water ... anywhere. Whether you’re concerned about the water safety from your water tank, or when travelling in your RV. Pour n’ Go, have a water purification solution for you. For domestic, recreational or commercial water treatment, Pour n’ Go comes in various size bottles and is available nationwide in New Zealand.

How Pour n’ Go Works

Pour n’ Go is a patented chemical that represents a new generation of eco-harmless, 100% biodegradable biocides for the control of a full range of water borne pathogens and bacteria.

The active ingredient in Pour n' Go is hydrogen peroxide which is a safe and powerful oxidiser that is bonded with stabilising agents to produce a highly effective, long lasting multi-component disinfectant.

When bacteria are exposed to Pour n’ Go, the silver ions trigger the hydrogen peroxide to release free oxygen radicals that immediately attack the cell membrane. In a physical, rather than chemical process, the oxygen lyses the cell wall by causing it to stress and rupture. This action is rapid and is little influenced by pH, or temperature. Tests have shown that this action continues, even at low concentrations, and instead of the action slowing down, it carries on until either all of the bacteria are killed, or all of the hydrogen peroxide is consumed.

Once the cell wall is ruptured, the silver ions enter the cell and bind to the DNA. This denatures the cell enzymes, halts replication, and the cell dies. This process does not allow the cell to build up a resistance, so that effectiveness is guaranteed, regardless of how often Pour n’ Go is used.

Due to its long-term effectiveness and excellent characteristics to prevent recontamination, this product is ideally suited to the disinfection of drinking water wells and bores, and is especially effective at preventing recontamination of stored water supplies.

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